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Find the perfect theme for your quinceanera with this page, Quinceanera Color Themes, quinceanera themes by color: red,purple,pink,white,green,orange,yellow,blue,aqua.

White Quinceanera Dresses

Take a look at the most recent white quinceanera dresses by your favorite designer. You don’t need a colorful dress to steal the spotlight! White quinceanera dresses are the tradition! It was only recently that colorful dresses became the trend among quinceaneras looking to stick to their themes. But white quinceanera dresses will always be timeless and elegant!

white quinceanera dresses with red Embroidery

Embroidery Strapless White and Wine Red Ball Gown Quinceanera Dress, this quinceanera dress under 200 dollars

white quinceanera dress with colorful Embroidery and ruffles

Enchanting White Sleeveless Embroidery and Ruffles Floor Length Quinceanera Gown

white and black quinceanera dress

white and black quinceanera dress

Before heading to the boutique, take a look at the most recent white quinceanera dresses by your favorite designer.

The Best 15 Quinceanera Themes for 2017 – Princess

One of the most exciting parts of planning a quinceanera is finding the perfect quinceanera theme for your party.  They can be inspired by favorite colors or color schemes, things that you love, places, movies, and much more. Selecting your quinceanera theme should happen early on in the planning process. The theme you select will determine many factors regarding your party–such as invitations, decorations, cake–even the color and style of your dress!
Today we want to share The Best 15 Quinceanera Themes for 2017: Princess

princess quinceanera theme

princess quinceanera theme

One of the most popular quinceanera themes, details could include an over the top pink quinceanera dress, a princess cake, princess invitations, glass slippers, princess scepter and horse and carriage centerpieces.
Light blue is also a beautiful color to use for a princess theme.
You still need a perfect princess style quinceanera dress. The dress you choose for your Quinceañera is much more than a beautiful piece of clothing; it is the symbol of your transformation to young womanhood. In our princess Collection you will find an array of stunning quinceanera dresses.

Beautiful Off the Shoulder Cap Sleeves Tulle Quinceanera Dresses with Hand Made Flowers

white quinceanera dresses,Embroideried quinceanera dress,Ruffled quinceanera dress

Discount Embroideried and Ruffled White Quinceanera Dress in Organza and Taffeta


One of the best Quinceanera Theme – Mardi Gras

Are you a fan of New Orleans? Then make your birthday by the Mardi Gras! Use vibrant purple, gold and red for venue decorations. Create masks for invitations, writing the party details on the inside. Get a parade float or two for the center of the room and decorate the tables with Mardi Gras jesters, fake gold coins, and masks. Add feather boas and balloons for a Bourbon Street touch.

As the celebrant, you could wear an ultra-glamorous ball gown in gold, purple, and green and carry a feather mask on a stick for a chic look. Your girls can all wear one color but with different variations (like different shades of purple or greens), and match them to the guys’ ties.

Jambalaya, red beans, and seafood make great food choices, and mini king cakes are fantastic for a Mardi Gras theme.

For that New Orleans feel, hire a jazz band to stroll around the party area. For party favors, give your male guests jester hats to wear during the party and to celebrate Mardi Gras in the future. Feather boas and colorful beaded necklaces make great souvenirs for the ladies.

Do you think is it a good quinceanera theme ? Give us your comments!

Some Tips for Your Quinceanera Theme

Are you finding some tips for the best Quinceanera Theme Ideas? Here are some tips for selecting your theme along with a list of the top choices. You can review the following tips and get one suggestion for your party.
A Quinceanera celebration just wouldn’t be the same without Quince themes.

Tip One  – Make a list of favorites.

Think about the things that you enjoy the most and use as inspiration for the Quinceanera party / 15th birthday party. Is there a style,  video, music, food, quinceanera dress, dama dresses for quinceanrea,sport or other interest that makes everyone think of you?

Tip Two – What theme color do you like most?

Soft pink and purple, white and black, red and green, for example, are ideal for fairy tale themed Quinceanera parties, while beautiful colors are more popular for the theme. If you like bright and bold then the Brazilian Carnival themes are great choices.

Tip Three – Which Place would you go for the party?

Think about the birthday girl’s favorite place in the world. This will allow you to further make special changes and modifications for the upcoming party.

Tip Four – Consider your budget.

The more you think about the cost of your Quinceanera party, the easier it will be to choose a best theme that matches your resources. Sometimes,the cost of quinceanera dress is expensive.So you need to buy a cheap quinceanera dress which matching your quinceanera theme. It is a difficult job to buy a elegant quinceanera dress but cheap price. So you should try to buy a dress online, or custom design your own quinceanera dress. There are many website which can custom tailor your quinceanera dress as your measurement and your favorite color.

Tip Five – Think about the people attending.

For example, are they willing to play along and wear a costume? Also, make sure that everybody who’s invited will be able to blend in with the illusion of the Quinceanera theme that you want to use.

Still need help with ideas? You can also contact us, tell us your think, we will give you a good suggestion.