Some Tips for Selecting Your Quinceanera Theme

What color do you like most? White, Pink or Blue ? Soft pink and purple, for example, are ideal for fairy tale themed Quinceanera parties, while cool colors are more suited for the Hawaiian theme. If you like bright and bold then the Mardi Gras or Brazilian Carnival themes are great choices. If you make sure the color for quinceanera theme, you will buy a quinceanera dress and many  quinceanera favorites for your quinceanera theme.

Think about the things that you enjoy the most and use as inspiration for the Quinceanera party. Is there a style, hobby, movie, song, food, sport or other interest that makes everyone think of you?

The more you think about the cost of your Quinceanera party, the easier it will be to choose a theme that matches your resources.

Think about the birthday girl’s favorite place in the world. This will allow you to further make special changes and modifications for the upcoming party.

For example, are they willing to play along and wear a costume? Also, make sure that everybody who’s invited will be able to blend in with the illusion of the Quinceanera theme that you want to use.


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