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How to Find the Perfect Quinceanera Dress for your party

One of the most important parts of your quinceañera is finding a perfect quinceanera dress. Both online and in-store, hundreds of quinceanera dresses are available to choose from. Length is up to you, but while some young women choose short, cocktail-style dresses, it’s more traditional (and far more fun) to slip into a Cinderella-like floor length quinceanera gown. The puffy skirt quinceanera dress is the traditional.

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Red Tulle Lace Up Sweet 16 Dresses Sleeveless Court Train

Start your search by identifying your body shape  to decide which style of quinceanera dress will be most flattering. Girls with hourglass figures look stunning in curve-hugging quinceanera gowns that emphasize a small waist, while those with smooth, linear figures look sublime in quince gowns with halter or sweetheart necklines and voluminous skirts. Girls with ample hips and narrow shoulders look divine in gowns with fitted bodices and draped skirts, while girls with broad shoulders and petite hips look delightful in strapless gowns with full, extravagant skirts. Select a quinceanera dress is difficult, you should ask your friends or your family for help.

Bear in mind that these are only guidelines; the most important thing is that you love the quinceanera dress. A dressmaker or seamstress can help you fit the dress of your dreams to your unique shape. Choose a color that will complement your skin tone and make your eyes pop. And you can also custom design your own quinceanera dress online, there a professional website for custom made quinceanera dress, you can visit this url for help


It’s not all about the quinceanera dress, of course. Many other elements help turn a dress from a beautiful garment into a breathtaking fashion statement. Once you pick out the perfect quinceanera dress, it’s time to explore the vast variety of finishing touches that will give your sweet sixteen dress that extra special something. From rhinestone accents to elbow-length silk gloves, the possibilities are endless.

How to choosing a quinceanera dress for your sweet 15

There are a lot of things to consider when planning a Quinceanera, but perhaps nothing is as important as finding the perfect quinceanera dress for your big day. After helping young ladies and their families host hundreds of Quinceanera celebrations, the event coordinators at PrettyQuinceanera.com have put together a list of tips to reference when shopping for a gown!

Tip#1: Establish Your Budget
Before you set one foot in a quinceanera dress shop, be sure to talk with whomever is buying your Quinceanera dress online – parents, grandparents, or well-wishing relatives – about how much they are willing to spend on your quinceanera gown. Knowing the dress budget will save time by directing you to stores that cater to your specific price range. And remember: just because a quinceanera dress is inexpensive doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful!

navy blue tulle quinceanera dress with silver beading

navy blue tulle quinceanera dress with silver beading

Tip #2: Know Your Body Type (And What Quinceanera Dress Fits It Best)
A big part of looking beautiful is feeling comfortable in your Quinceanera dress, and you won’t be able to do either if your quinceanera dress doesn’t fit correctly. Before you begin shopping, honestly assess your body type and consider what types of quinceanera gowns look best on different shapes. As a general rule, however, we’ve found that puffy tulle quinceanera dresses accentuate slim physiques, while A-line and Imperial cut gowns helps narrow a curvier silhouette. And remember: whatever quinceanera dress or ball gown you decide on needs to pass the “Grandma Test”.

Tip#3: Choose a Color and Type of Fabric
Years ago, it was customary for a girl’s Quinceanera dresses to be white or a light pastel color and decorated with intricate beading or sequins; today, more and more young women are choosing to blend modern and traditional styles, incorporating sleeker, newer materials and brighter colors into the dress’s design. Regardless of what type of gown you choose, be sure the color, fabric, and cut perfectly matches your personality!

Tip #4: Try On as Many Dresses as Possible
While trying on quinceanera dress after dress can be exhausting (especially after the 20th or 30th one!), trying on multiple quinceanera gowns will give you an idea of which ones fit best, what fabric you like, and what brands are most flattering. To be sure you have enough time to find the perfect quinceanera dress, begin looking no less than nine months before your big party, and visit no less than three different dress shops. And most importantly, NEVER buy a quinceanera dress online without trying it on first!

Tip#5: Ask Lots of Questions
Dressmakers or women that work in dress shops are likely to have a lot of experience helping other young women find a quinceanera dress for their big party, so don’t be afraid to use their knowledge as a resource. Be sure to ask about current trends, what color would be most flattering with your skin type, and if the gown can be altered (in case you experience any changes in size before the celebration. And remember to answer the most important question before you buy: “Do I love it?”