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How to save money on a quinceanera

Whether you have a good savings for your party, or numerous sponsors–the cost of a quinceanera is quite serious. I know from experience how stressful it can be to try to throw an amazing quince on a (super) tight budget. Some of the tips I included below are from experience, and some I wish I had thought of!

Consider having your quince on a day other than Saturday, if possible. Rates for reception halls/venues/ DJs can be significantly cheaper on days other than Saturday.
Does your church have a nice reception room? This can be a very affordable option, and convenient for your guests, too.
Play music from an MP3 player–and you can save alot on the cost of a DJ. There are companies that will come and set up a complete sound system for you to use your MP3 with, and also provide a microphone. Keep in mind you will need someone to make announcements for your event.
If you are buying any party supplies at craft stores like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or JoAnn Fabrics, make sure to make use of their coupons. You can often find 40-50% off coupons online, or in the store’s mobile phone app.
When shopping for venues, find out what is included. Many reception halls have a stockroom full of goodies that you can use for free. Mirrors, candles, flowers, linens for draping are just some of the things you may have access to.
Balloons, balloons, balloons! Balloons make a huge statement for the price. Even with the cost of renting a helium tank, balloons are a decoration that will make the biggest impact for your money.
DIY favors can be a serious money saver. Homemade treats are not only very affordable, but a big hit with the guests.
Having the quince mass during a time of year when the church already has special decorations is a tip we uncovered on accident. Our quinceanera was held the Saturday following Easter, and the church was still covered in lilies and lilacs. The place was gorgeous with zero effort on our part.
Cupcakes are a more affordable option than a traditional cake. Some grocery store bakeries have better prices than traditional bakeries–and equally delicious goodies.
There is always the question of whether or not to provide alcohol at large parties. One one hand, it is a 15-year old’s party, and serving alcohol adds to your costs. On the other, the guests like to complain if they have to pay for drinks. A compromise is to pay for one type of alcoholic drink–for example, pay for the first keg of beer.
Keep your guest list to those family and friends who matter the most. More guests = more costs. If you are able to reduce your guest list by 10%, that is quite a savings.
A buffet will almost always be cheaper than a sit-down dinner. Buffets can also be a crowd pleaser with the array of options.
Enlist the help of family and friends. Maybe there is a photographer in your family or friend circle, for example, who will cut you a major deal for their services, or may be willing to exchange services with you.
Evaluate what is most important to you. Maybe you have always dreamed of having a chocolate fountain. If money’s tight, look at your plans and see what you can cut in order to be able to afford the fountain. Maybe you will eliminate a videographer, or select less expensive centerpieces.
Don’t hesitate to use something borrowed, if it makes sense. For example, maybe your mom has the perfect shoes to go with your dress. Or your older sister has a tiara from her quinceanera. There is no rule that says everything must be brand new. And of course, it is always eco-friendly to re-use and recycle.

What is the season your quinceanera party scheduled to be in?

A good method to decide what color selections you favor, is considering the season your party is scheduled to be in. Choosing red and black for a party that is scheduled in the middle of the summer would be a little too overwhelming for your guests. Therefore,you’d better choose brighter colors that correspond to this season would be more appropriate and add life to your celebration. Here are some good ideals or tips to let  you through the seasonal colors.

Quinceanera Party in Spring

Spring is the perfect season to play up your girly side! With these colors, your sure to shine at your Quince party!

Pink: You can’t go wrong with it. Its a popular color to wear while transitioning into a young woman.Green: Always coordinates well with other beautiful colors and is very appropriate for this nice season. Yellow: Adds life to your quinceanera party. Its also very warm and welcoming. Very youthful, and keeps things simple for a family oriented party.

Quinceanera Party in Summer

This is where you don’t have to be hesitate to experiment with beautiful color selection.Orange: Its fun, lively, and stands out! Baby blue color is a very simple color that adds elegance to any occasion.

Quinceanera Party in Fall.

During this time the weather is changing and so are the colors that are in style! Blue/turquoise: Is perfect for this season because its boldness but also because its a very sophisticated color.Purple: Is also a good choice because of its young vibrance and matches beautifully with various other colors.



Quinceanera Party in Winter

Winter is the season where you can get away with bold exotic color combinations.  Red color definitely POPS out and adds the perfect color for winter season. Black color / black theme is a very sophisticated color and never downplays elegance. but keep in mind that too much black, may resemble a funeral.

Make sure you feel comfortable in the beautiful color you choose to wear. If you feel beautiful, then you’ll definitely send that message to your guests. If You need more helps, please contact us freely, we will give you more ideas.