Custom Tailor Quinceanera Dress

Custom Tailor Quinceanera Dress


Perhaps you have a vision of exactly what you want for your quinceañera dress. For many, having a style in mind makes the process of finding your dress much easier. But, what happens when you can’t quite find the quince dress you picture in your head? At PrettyQuinceanera, we can provide a solution. We work with dress designers and fabricators with years of experience, and we can custom-create your dream gown. You deserve the quinceañera you always imagined, and our Sacramento team is here to get you one step closer to the perfect night. We are here to make this come true. Just take a picture of it and then email/send to us with the desired material description, and we will custom make it for you. We will also add/remove/modify any desirable/undesirable items in the design that you like to change. At PrettyQuinceanera we encourage the young ladies to imagine their perfect quinceanera dress but also don't discourage if they choose a mass designed quinceanera dress. We are always eager to help you to get your deam quinceanera dress.

• Imagine It! We'll Design It!
• Be Yourself.
• Be Unique.
• Embody your Quinceanera Theme.

Having a quinceanera dress customized to your specifications has never been easier or more affordable. The average price for a mass designed quinceanera dress is approximately $350.00 USD. The average price for a custom designed quinceanera dress by PrettyQuinceanera is also approximately $350.00. PrettyQuinceanera has made it possible and affordable so the decision making can be concentrated on what the future quinceanera really wants her dress to look like. Make your appointment today and find out how you can save by creating a quinceanera package.

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